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Advance Paris

Video – Multitest – the best amplifier for 2500 euros

It was time for another big group test. Live on Youtube, with you! On saturday 22-08-2002 we tested seven beautiful amplifiers in the price class of 2500 euro next to each other. Three are a bit different: the NAD is the cheapest with 1800 euro, the Advance Paris is a pre- and power-amp combination. And […]

Advance Paris

Advance Paris MyConnect 60: A true centipede

The Advance Paris MyConnect 60 is an all-in-one, with which you are ready with – almost – the touch of a button. And all that for a (very) nice price.

Advance Paris

Advance Paris presents the X-i1100

Advance Paris has released the new X-i1100 amplifier, a stereo copy that puts up to 220 watts per channel on the clocks.

Advance Paris

Advance Paris Playstream A5 and A7 network players

The new Advance Paris Playstream A5 and A7 are actually – apart from the CD player – all in one. In short: connect speakers and listen.

Advance Paris

Advance Paris introduces MyConnect 150 all-in-one

That the successful MyConnect 50 was going to have a bigger brother was to be expected – as the manufacturer himself reports. With the MyConnect 150, Advance Paris does more than just scoop it up.