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Multitest – The best amplifier for 1000 Euro – 2022 edition

Sometimes we just feel like doing a big, huge, grande test. It’s educational for us and for you it provides insight into what’s available and how products perform relative to each other. This time we put eight amplifiers side by side. We sampled, measured and listened to all amplifiers. You can find everything in this […]

Hegel H95

Review Hegel H95 integrated amplifier – with music samples

Hegel is a well know brand at Alpha Audio HQ… Their all-in-one models almost always perform well. Especially when it comes to control and stability. Even the most demanding speakers are in control with these Norwegian wonders. This time we pick up the ‘baby-Hegel’. The successor to the Hegel H90… the Hegel H95… A sleek […]

Arcam SA20 geïntegreerde versterker

Review Arcam SA20

The Arcam SA20 refines the display of the SA10 and offers more power to drive floorstanders more easily. Both analog and digital it sounds very good. The easy-to-read screen and user-friendly remote control enhance listening pleasure. The sound is calm, controlled but with sufficient dynamics. The Arcam SA20 fits well with different speakers and never gets sharp. An excellent all-rounder.

The British brand A&R Cambridge Ltd – Arcam – was founded in 1976 by students at the University of Cambridge. In 2017 Arcam was bought by Samsung Electronics (via Harman Kardon). Arcam is a rather puristic hi-fi brand. The British have high quality integrated mitres as well as av-receivers and sources. They have brought some legendary series. Think of the Alpha series, Black Box (dac) and also the FMJ – Full Metal Jacket – series has a few pearls.