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Review ATC SCM40 floorstanding speaker – Magic Midrange

ATC actually needs no introduction. The British company has been making studio speakers at a very high level for decades. Of course with the famous ATC midrange dome. A unit that has more than earned its spurs. First of all in studios worldwide, but now also in the living room. This time we have the […]

Triple Test – Grimm LS1a – ATC SCM40A – Dutch & Dutch 8C

On Sunday, March 28, 2021, we held another Live Test in the Artone Studios. We had three active speakers play: the Grimm LS1a, ATC SCM40A and the Dutch & Dutch 8C. Yes indeed: a familiar trio. But with one big difference: the prices are the same this time. How do they compare this time?

Triple Test high-end Studio monitors – with samples and video

On Sunday November 1st 2020 we tested (Live on Youtube) three beautiful studio monitors. Speakers primarily for the studio. But in fact also very suitable for the living room. We are talking about the Dutch & Dutch 8C – 12,500 euros – ATC SCM100A SL classic – 22,950 – and the Grimm LS1be – 36,000 […]


Review ATC HTS40 on-wall loudspeaker

We know British ATC mainly from studio speakers. And bookshelfs and floorstanders. Think of the SCM19 V2 which has become a reference at Alpha Audio. What you may not know is that they also manufacture Home Theatre models. The so-called HTS series. We test the HTS40. A large – heavy – on wall loudspeaker.


Review ATC CDA2 MK2

Recently we visited the ATC SCM19 V2 monitors and they were so good that they have become our new reference. In order to drive these speakers properly, we went from an integrated amplifier (bye bye Bryston B60r) to a separate pre- and power amplifier combination. In this way, the closed ATCs get sufficient power and […]


Review ATC SCM19 V2 monitor loudspeaker

The ATC SCM19 V2 loudspeakers don’t seem to offer much spectacle at first sight, but let that be their strength. When you take the time to get to know these speakers, everything becomes clear.

ATC – Acoustic Transducer Company – was founded in 1974 by Billy Woodman. The Brit made custom drivers for several other brands. His custom designs were able to deliver much more sound pressure. And also with less distortion. In 1976 came the first complete speaker: SM-75-150s. And the rest is history. The current line-up consists of both professional models and consumer speakers. Special about ATC is that they also have amplifiers and even an all-in-one.