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Multitest – The best amplifier for 1000 Euro – 2022 edition

Sometimes we just feel like doing a big, huge, grande test. It’s educational for us and for you it provides insight into what’s available and how products perform relative to each other. This time we put eight amplifiers side by side. We sampled, measured and listened to all amplifiers. You can find everything in this […]

Multitest – the best dac for 1000 euros!

Virtually all sources are digital. And this has been the case for some time now. To convert this digital signal to a somewhat more pleasant signal for our ears – analogue – a d/a converter is needed: a digital to analogue converter. Now a dac is basically just a chip. But more is needed to […]


Audiolab Omnia all-in-one

The new Omnia from Audiolab is a compact all-in-one hi-fi system, including an always practical CD player.

Audiolab 6000N

Review Audiolab 6000N Play streamer

Today we are testing the Audiolab 6000N Play, a streamer with full size and a lot of quality under the hood. It is brave that Audiolab dare to interfere.

Audiolab 6000A

Review Audiolab 6000a amplifier

We really did our best to catch the Audiolab 6000a on an error but in vain. This is a very fine integrated amplifier and not only in its price range. For us, the very best components are the ones that inspire you and draw you into the music. Of all the qualities that the Audiolab 6000a possesses, that involvement is the most important. It is therefore the reason why we give this amplifier a well-deserved Alpha Approved award. Congratulations!