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Aurender N150

Review Aurender N150 – compact and complete

The world of streaming seems to be dominated by two systems: Sonos and ROON. Sonos for those who think “good is good enough” and ROON for the die-hard audiophiles. Appearances are deceiving, however. There are plenty of enthusiasts who just use Tidal connect, stream with Spotify or very consciously choose other systems. Think of Diretta, […]

Aurender N20

Review Aurender N20 streamer – server

Digital is digital. A 1 is a 1 and a 0 is a 0. Period. Right? Well… partly. And in the ideal world where jitter and noise are not a factor, they will be. But we don’t live in the ideal world. (Unfortunately we don’t in a lot of ways). And that makes that there […]


Aurender presents N20 music server

Aurender released the N20 music server and streamer. It is in all respects a solid upgrade from the ‘old’ N10.

Aurender A30

Review Aurender A30 streamer – dac – ripper – preamplifier

The Korean audio producer Aurender has been creating streaming audio products for some time now. And they do that very well. Although the slogan: “The Future of Sound” is not quite ‘fresh’ or relevant anymore. Their line-up is. Models like the W20SE are – literally – leading. And the A10 was – for us – […]