Multitest – Four exceptional, top, d-a-converters

Denafrips, Bryston, Rockna or Sonnet? Four wonderful d/a converters. What a choice to make… that’s a tough one! To make it a little easier, we put these four beauties side by side in a live test on May 30, 2021. As a test we included a real live track that we recorded in the live […]


Bryston presents new BR-20 preamplifier

Bryston’s new BR-20 is the preamplifier that has ‘everything’. It took Bryston years to develop. So it must be really special!

Bryston BDP-3-14

Review Bryston BDA-3.14 Renderer – DAC

The Bryston BDA-3.14 is Bryston’s current reference DAC. With its built-in volume control and multiple inputs, it is ideally suited to play a central role in a purely digital system. Why conclude this? Read on…

Review Bryston 7B power amplifier

With the Bryston 7B3, the Canadian manufacturer shows that it still belongs to one of the most prestigious hi-fi manufacturers in the world. These amplifiers offer us the ultimate compromise between the sound quality of a class A tube amp and efficiency of solid state. We praise the neutral character, the refinement and the enormous power with which these monoblocks perform. This allows these identical twins not only at solitary height within its weight class, but even far above. Bryston is also the only manufacturer to offer a 20-year class-leading warranty; if there’s no music in it… 

Review Bryston 4B SST3 power amplifier

After receiving the brand new Bryston 3B3 from Mafico earlier this year for testing, we now also receive the iconic Bryston 4B3 from the Cubed series. According to the importer, both descendants sound almost equal, but we know that an iconic status is not acquired on equivalency. There must be more going on here. Time […]