Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio affordable streamers

Cambridge Audio has released two affordable streamers that offer something for everyone.


Cyrus presents the PSU-XR power supply

Cyrus releases a new smart power supply with type number PSU-XR, suitable for all XR series products.

Battle of the Brits – Cyrus, Rega and Naim

Check out a sneak peek of this content! Reviews of the Cyrus Classic Amp and the Rega Elicit Mk5 amplifier have appeared recently. They spent some time next to each other and next to a Naim XS 2. What are the similarities and differences? Comparing gear is always interesting, especially when it involves three amplifiers […]


CES 2023, the world’s first wireless TV

The upcoming CES (Jan. 5 – Jan. 8) is a place where you will also regularly find “geeky things” like Displace’s completely wireless TV..

Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio Orbit wireless in-ear

American Campfire Audio has released its first truly wireless in-ear, hand-assembled too.


Copaco expands audio and video portfolio with EPOS

Copaco and EPOS announced their partnership in the Benelux, offering interesting options for AV professionals.


Clearaudio Balance Reference Phono

The Clearaudio Balance Reference Phono is a phono preamplifier with the added bonus of a built-in volume control.

Cleer Audio

Cleer Audio The Scene

They’re still fun to have around: portable speakers like the Cleer Audio The Scene that still manage to squeeze a very nice sound out of a small-sized enclosure.

Multitest integrated amplifiers – 2500 Euro – Which is the best (for you)?

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, we held a large, comparative test of amplifiers in the price range around 2,500 euros. A popular class. In the 3.5-hour livestream, we were able to hear particularly well what the differences are in this price range. And it’s not subtle!


CLIC introduces new models

Importer Latham Audio announces that Danish brand j CLIC is adding new models to their hi-fi furniture this fall.