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Review Cambridge Audio CXA61 integrated amplifier

In the price range around 1000 euros for an integrated amplifier with d / a converter, the competition is killing. A manufacturer must really go all out to compete. The product must be versatile, sound just right and be competing in terms of pricing. Tricky. How does the Cambridge Audio CXA61 perform in this class?

Live Multitest integrated amplifiers 1200 – 1500 euros

On Sunday, February 28, 2021, we did another Live test. This time with integrated amplifiers between 1200 and 1500 euros. As usual we wrote to all manufacturers that are in our system with a model that would fit in this test. Unfortunately there is a worldwide shortage of parts – especially chips – which makes […]

Multitest – The best switch for streaming audio

Data is data… A 1 is a 1 and a 0 is a 0. Right as rain. So why are we testing network switches? They don’t make data errors, do they? After all, there are ancient protocols for data transmission. Protocols that have proven themselves for decades. True too… But there are more factors that […]

Chord Ttoby

Review Chord Electronics Ttoby power amplifier

Chord Electronics Ltd., not to be confused with The Chord Company, has been making electronics and hi-fi products for decades. This British company has a passionate team on board and proudly presents them on their site. This gives the company a face and radiates transparency. For their dacs they have been relying on the genius […]


Copland presents CSA 100 hybrid amplifier

The Danish Copland has released the new hybrid on tubes and transistors CSA 100 integrated amplifier.

Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio Ara in-ears with seven drivers

What at least stands out about the new Campfire Audio Ara in-ear is that no less than seven balanced drivers are deployed.


Cayin CS-150A tube amp for the ‘lonely evenings’

Well, that Cayin CS-150A also works perfectly fine on regular evenings ‘without solitude’, but it sounds better that way, doesn’t it?


Canton releases Smart Reference 5 K wireless speaker

Canton has the Smart Reference 5K ready for you; a wireless and active speaker with high-end specifications. However, you still need to lay a wire to the wall socket.

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio becomes Roon Ready

Cambridge Audio has also fallen for the charms of Roon. Flagship Edge NQ of the brand becomes Roon Ready and also the CXN (V2) gets that predicate.

Multitest d/a converters – 1500 – 2500 euro

Are you looking for the best DAC (d/a converter) in the price range from 1500 euro to 2500 euro? That’s great! Because we’ve put ten beauties side by side. And we tested it live on camera for you. You were able to follow this stream on 15 February 2020. But if you missed it: here […]