Cyrus Audio

Cyrus Audio Classic Series

UK-based Cyrus Audio launches the “new and improved” Classic Series of loose hi-fi components.


Clearaudio Reference Jubilee draaitafel

Clearaudio has announced the Reference Jubilee, a new version of the original Reference turntable dating back to the 1980s.

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio collaborates with DeLorean

It is not uncommon for audio manufacturers to join forces on a regular basis. This time it’s Cambridge Audio and DeLorean playing ball together.

Review CEC TL2N transport and CEC DA SL Superlink dac

For many enthusiasts, the source is the most important part of a hi-fi system. And after testing the CEC TL2N transport and accompanying CEC DA SL Superlink d/a converter there is much to be said for that. Initially, only the transport was going to be tested but importer Hear Everything Audio assured us that with […]


Canton Smart A45 CS center speaker

Canton presents the new Smart A45 CS active and wireless center speaker, a nice addition for a home theater set.

Cyrus Audio i7 XR

Review Cyrus i7-XR integrated amplifier – eXtreme(R)

“Made in the UK” is the first thing that appears when we start up today’s test object and that announcement immediately puts a smile on our faces. Not because we have a special bond with the island but because Cyrus Audio is clearly proud of his/her origins. Provenance, pedigree is important. Necessary even. Especially now […]

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio Alva ST Bluetooth platenspeler

Want to revisit your old vinyl collection without the hassle of phono preamps? Then there is this Alva ST record player from Cambridge Audio, with Bluetooth.

Cleer Audio

Cleer Audio Arc wireless in-ears

You see them more and more: in-ears that also let through ambient noise effortlessly, like the new Arc from Cleer Audio.


Clearaudio Professional Power voeding

Clearaudio presents the new – cylindrical shaped – Professional Power supply, with an output of 24 Volts.

The Chord Company

The Chord Company power strip

The Chord Company launches its first-ever power strip in the brand’s history, with the motto “Power distribution done right!