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Chord Company

Chord Company Epic Power Cable

An audiophile power cable like the Chord Company Epic Power Cable is one of those components that allows you to fine-tune a hi-fi set.

Chord Ttoby

Review Chord Electronics Ttoby power amplifier

Chord Electronics Ltd., not to be confused with The Chord Company, has been making electronics and hi-fi products for decades. This British company has a passionate team on board and proudly presents them on their site. This gives the company a face and radiates transparency. For their dacs they have been relying on the genius […]

Multitest d/a converters – 1500 – 2500 euro

Are you looking for the best DAC (d/a converter) in the price range from 1500 euro to 2500 euro? That’s great! Because we’ve put ten beauties side by side. And we tested it live on camera for you. You were able to follow this stream on 15 February 2020. But if you missed it: here […]

Replay – Live Stream DAC test

On February 15, 2020 we have had ten guests in the listening room: ten dacs to be exact. To have some extra fun, we tested them live on camera for you. So you were able to listen in and see how we work. It was a beautiful day. Not only is it very nice to […]


Chord Electronics presents the Ultima 5 and Ultima 6

Early 2019 Chord Electronics presented a new line of reference amplifiers: the Ultima series. Besides the mono amplifiers (Ultima 1,2 & 3) two stereo amplifiers are now added: the Ultima 5 and 6.