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Triple Test high-end Studio monitors – with samples and video

On Sunday November 1st 2020 we tested (Live on Youtube) three beautiful studio monitors. Speakers primarily for the studio. But in fact also very suitable for the living room. We are talking about the Dutch & Dutch 8C – 12,500 euros – ATC SCM100A SL classic – 22,950 – and the Grimm LS1be – 36,000 […]

dCS Bartok

Review dCS Bartok streamer – headphone amp

What a machine. Of course, we have highlights in our testing career. But sometimes a product surpasses a highlight. It’s just special. The dCS Bartok takes the music experience to a completely different level. Without a doubt an Alpha Approved. Top notch product

dCS Network Bridge

Review dCS Network Bridge

dCS uses the Network Bridge to create a pearl of a streamer. Or rather: a perfect bridge between your d/a converter and digitally stored music. It’s just as much of an investment, but if your set is up to scratch and you have the investment possibilities, there is little better to find.