Devialet Mania portable Bluetooth-speaker

No secret Devialet likes round shapes. Their new portable Bluetooth speakers show this love very clearly.


Devialet presents Dione soundbar

Devialet has released the brand new Dione soundbar, which offers Dolby Atmos and has a surprisingly large number of drivers on board.

Live Review Wireless Speakers – Buchardt – System Audio – Devialet – KAD

We wanted to start this year nicely. And we estimate that we have succeeded with that in the form of a Live Stream with wireless speakers. Four top-notch speakers that show and prove that wireless audio performs excellently nowadays. Partly thanks to advanced wifi techniques and / or Wisa. In this livestream we have listened […]

Xielierlike Fake Phantom Speaker

Review – Devialet Phantom Gold for 50 euros

Everything is for sale. And if you want a Devialet Phantom Gold for, but don’t have 3000 euros, you can of course buy one for 50 euros. Isn’t that right? Sure. In China, yes. We order a ‘Golden Speaker – High Power’ in China and wait a month… And another week. Just before Christmas he […]