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Driade Model 2S – With the ‘S’ of Sublime

The Driade Model 2 stole the show in the extensive €4000 speaker comparison. The 2S is the replacement for this model. The bar has been set high by its predecessor, will the 2S exceed it or will it be limbo dancing?


Driade presents Premium 2S

Driade is releasing the Premium 2S floor standers, the manufacturer says they’re “a worthy successor to the renowned Model 2.

Driade Flow Link Reference

Review Driade Flow Link Reference 808 interlinks – Get Connected

Regular readers of Alpha Audio will know by now that we’ve included the Driade Flow speaker cable in our regular set-up for a while now. This is not without reason: it is a great neutral speaker cable which allows us to use it with virtually any configuration of components. The rest of the cabling in […]

Review Driade Model 3S – The ‘S’ of Serious

We’ve experienced the Driade Mode 2 before. In our live test of floorstanders to be exact. And there the two-way speaker made a deep impression in terms of coherence and rhythm. Now that we’re looking for a new reference speaker, Driade suggested we take a listen to the Driade Model 3S…. Which should offer even […]

Elac FS407

The best floor standing speaker for 4000 euros

On December 13th and 20th, we tested a total of eight floorstanding speakers at Alpha. Live on Youtube. With live music. It was a great experience to do that. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the participants, the band, the entire team behind the streams and you as the viewer! For […]

Driade Flow Speaker Cable

Review Driade Flow speaker cable

The task of a signal cable, whatever it is, is incredibly simple: transport a signal from ‘a’ to ‘b’. Without loss. How hard can it be? Well, we’ve been producing audio equipment for over a hundred years now. And time and time again, cables – digital and analog – have an impact. So it must […]