Focal Bathys ANC headphones

Focal has released the Bathys, the brand’s first hi-fi Bluetooth headphones with ANC on board.


Focal presents new Utopia

Focal releases a new version of Utopia headphones, including a refreshed design and improved acoustic properties.

Multitest plug in filters – ten plug in filters – measurements and blind test

Do those ‘plug-in’ filters really do anything? That is the question we want to answer in this big test of ten ‘filters’. You know them; those plug-in plugs…. plug and play ‘junk cleaners’…. Right? We have samples from Furutech, Ansuz, Akiko, Kemp, Isotek, IFI and NordOst. A fine cross-section of the market, we think. And […]

Farad Power Supplies

Farad Power Supplies with lots of news

Farad Power Supplies has several new items to report. Good to keep in mind in case you’re looking for a new power supply!

Finite Elemente

Finite Elemente Pagode MKII Carbon Edition

Importer More Music is pleased to introduce Finite Elemente’s new Pagode MKII Carbon Edition, a top-of-the-line audio rack.


Furutech V1 NCF (Ltd. Ed.) power cable

Furutech has brought to market in a very limited edition what they say is a “state of the art” Powercord: The Project V1 NCF.

Triple Test bookshelf speakers – 1000 Euro – Sonus Faber – Focal – Elac

On Sunday, March 27, we tested three impressive pairs of bookshelfs live for you. We also measured them and combined them with three amplifiers. This is to paint a complete picture. It was therefore a somewhat complex live stream, but certainly interesting. At least, that’s what we thought, because the results were surprising. Why? Welll… […]

Fezz Audio

Fezz Audio Mira Ceti Mono en Sagita

Poland’s Fezz Audio presents the Mira Ceta Mono power amplifier and the matching Sagita preamplifier.

Final Audio

Final Audio UX3000 with optimized ANC

Japan’s Final Audio has released the UX3000 headphones, which should do away with the drawbacks of ANC.


Ferrum Erco DAC headphone amplifier

Poland’s Ferrum – part of HEM – has released the Erco DAC and headphone amplifier.