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Final Audio

Final Audio

Final Audio UX3000 with optimized ANC

Japan’s Final Audio has released the UX3000 headphones, which should do away with the drawbacks of ANC.

Review Final Model 12 – Ultimate Insight

The Dutch speaker producer Final is back. And how! Of course, the company still makes electrostats – in Veldhoven to be exact – and there are still hybrid models as well as full range panels. But they have looked at the whole concept and improved every element of their electrostatic speakers. We test the (sort […]

Final D8000 pro

Review – Update Final D8000 Pro Edition

During the test of the Burson Conductor V3 we got the Final D8000 Pro Edition. We already heard and reviewed the D8000 at the multitest (February 2019). The final D8000 impressed with its refined reproduction. Rich in detail, holographic, neutral and also dynamic. In the multitest we could hardly choose between this reference model of […]

Final Audio B1 en B3

Review Final Audio B1 and B3 in-ear headphones

The B-series of finals is for connoisseurs and for those who want a nice looking set of in-ears. Both the B1 and B3 are unmistakably high end; they unravel details in the music and let us enjoy the music. And they look beautiful, because the eye wants something too. This B-series can compete with in-ears that have a much higher price tag and often look a lot more like ordinary ‘ears’. The choice for the B1 or B3 (we haven’t tested the B2) is up to you. They are nuances but important nuances that make the difference. Are you looking for something special, do you want to be surprised by what ear monitors can do, go to the dealer and try this jewelry for the ear!

Multitest High End Hoofdtelefoons

Multitest headphones – Headphone Heaven Fieldtrip

Where at Level 1 we still heard significant differences between the headphones, this is mainly about nuance and taste. The measurements also show that. It will be about the match between the other devices in your system, your musical preference, the desired use. In that sense, good quality headphones are no different than speakers.