Grado GW100x Bluetooth headphones

Grado presents the new GW100x wireless headphones, an evolution from predecessor GW100.

Gold Note

Gold Note PH-5 phono preamplifier

Italy’s Gold Note has released a new phono preamplifier in the form of the PH-5, with many setting options.


Google stops 4K payment experiment

Google ends the experiment that forced YouTube users to take a paid subscription for 4K content.


Google Pixel Tablet with little extra

A Google Pixel tablet is about to be launched, as it looks now, in 2023, obviously running on Android.


GravaStar Sirius P5 in-ears

The GravaStar Sirius P5 is an in-ear where, first and foremost, the packaging stands out, seeming to have escaped from an SF movie.


YouTube experiments with more restrictions

Google is – it seems a little desperate – to find a way to push YouTube users toward an expensive payment model.


‘Google working on alternative to Dolby Vision and Atmos’

Reportedly, Google is working on an open and thus unlicensed (=free) alternative to both Dolby Vision and Atmos.


‘Chromecast HD runs on Android 12’

According to leaked specs, the still hypothetical (but also fairly leaked) Chromecast HD runs on Android 12 with Google TV. And that promises interesting possibilities.

Pixel Buds

Pixel Buds get new ANC option

The Pixel Buds in-ears get a more user-friendly access to ANC settings via an update, which of course is always nice.


Grado Statement GS3000x headphones

The new Grado Statement GS3000x are headphones with the currently largest driver in the manufacturer’s range.