Grimm Audio MU1

Review Grimm Audio MU1

Some reviews are ticking themselves. This can be positive or negative. But fortunately it is often positive. The Grimm Audio MU1 can not just be caught. That’s not so much because of the musical performance: they are excellent. Rather, it is a challenge to capture the way of playing and performing in words. That is really difficult in this case. Because… how do you explain that the Grimm Audio MU1 creates a feeling?

Grimm SQM

Review Grimm Audio SQM balanced interlink

What a lovely cable again. No-nonsense… focus on quality. And the result is impressive. Clean, open, quick… …calmness. And that for a very reasonable amount of money. For us absolutely 5 stars and Alpha Approved.

Grimm – Grimm Audio – is a Dutch company that develops speakers, streamers, cables, (studio) clocks, DA and AD converters. The company does carry the name of Eelco Grimm, but know that there are more important people driving the company. Think Guido Tent (Tentlabs) and Menno van der Veen. Everyone is a specialist. And Grimm uses that. For example, they make grateful use of Guido Tent’s beautiful cooks and Menno’s power supply is used. LS1 An icon within the Grimm Audio product range is the LS1 speaker. A speaker that is used in a lot of high-end studios . The series consists of the ‘normal’ LS1, the slightly cheaper LS1a and the ‘no-compromise’ LS1be with a beryllium tweeter. The series can be equipped with a normal subwoofer, but also with the special MFB version (with montional feedback). MU1 Around 2019 the MU1 streamer was added to the range. With the MU1 streamer / Roon-server – it is possible to build a complete system with the LS1. There will then be a source and since the LS1 is an active system with d/a converter, you will be ready immediately.