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HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose RA180: looks to die for

The HiFi Rose RA180 is a Korean-made integrated amplifier, and its designers got everything out in terms of design.

High End

High End with new exhibition around the corner

Good news for anyone living at the western border of Germany: they can visit Düsseldorf/Neus in June, for something new from High End.

High End München

High End 2022 features Alan Parsons as brand ambassador

The “brand ambassador” of the High End Munich 2022 is Alan Parsons, of indeed The Alan Parsons Project.


HBO Max is coming to the EU

HBO Max is coming to the Netherlands and 14 other European countries, the UK isn’t included though.


HIFIMAN presents HE-R9 headphones

The HE-R9 from HIFIMAN is an over-ear closed-back headphone, essentially a wired one.

Holo Audio Serene 1

Review Holo Audio Serene Level 1 preamplifier – Tastefully Serene

In Japanese folklore, the fox is a mythical creature that can turn into a human or live in symbiosis with humans. A lot of manga comics and cartoons use this theme and Kitsune Audio also bases its logo on this illustrious animal. Kitsune Audio is the U.S. distributor of the Chinese Holo Audio from engineer […]


Huawei Sound Joy Bluetooth speaker

An interesting collaboration between Huawei and Devialet let to the creation of the affordable SoundJoy Bluetooth speaker.


HP projector CC200: portable and affordable

The new CC200 from HP is an affordable and portable projector, with a native resolution of 1080p, Full HD that is.

Hifiman Ananda BT

The End of Year Top 5 – Yung

It is the time of lists again. The time to look back and determine what has impressed you now. In case of us: which products have left an indelible impression? The top-5 of your author is as follows!

Hegel H95

Review Hegel H95 integrated amplifier – with music samples

Hegel is a well know brand at Alpha Audio HQ… Their all-in-one models almost always perform well. Especially when it comes to control and stability. Even the most demanding speakers are in control with these Norwegian wonders. This time we pick up the ‘baby-Hegel’. The successor to the Hegel H90… the Hegel H95… A sleek […]