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Hifiman Ananda BT

The End of Year Top 5 – Yung

It is the time of lists again. The time to look back and determine what has impressed you now. In case of us: which products have left an indelible impression? The top-5 of your author is as follows!

Hegel H95

Review Hegel H95 integrated amplifier – with music samples

Hegel is a well know brand at Alpha Audio HQ… Their all-in-one models almost always perform well. Especially when it comes to control and stability. Even the most demanding speakers are in control with these Norwegian wonders. This time we pick up the ‘baby-Hegel’. The successor to the Hegel H90… the Hegel H95… A sleek […]


Hifiman Deva magnetostatic Bluetooth headphones

The new Deva from Hifiman is a magnetostatic headphone, wireless via Bluetooth and therefore versatile.

Overzicht actieve monitors - multitest

Multitest Active Monitor Speakers (with video)

It’s almost like vinyl versus streaming: active and passive loudspeakers. Active speakers kill the hobby, many fans believe. But on the other hand: active offers a lot of value for money. Everything is matched. And that has many advantages. We put five completely different active monitor speakers side by side: PSI, Yamaha, Behringer, HEDD and […]

Live Stream Replay – Multi-Test Headphones

On Friday April 10th 2020 we held a live stream of almost four hours during which we discussed twelve headphones. We showed measurements and demonstrated to you – via a modified version of Harriëtte – how they perform. And for those of you who want an overview: here you are! Let’s have a look at […]

Hegel H120

Review Hegel H120 all-in-one

The German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, what’s in a name, probably never thought that his name would be used by a Scandinavian audio manufacturer. Nevertheless, we think he would have agreed with the “philosophy” of the company. Hegel himself aspired a kind of total thinking in which he considered philosophy, science, religion and aesthetics […]


HIFIMAN releases DEVA headphones

HIFIMAN has announced the new DEVA open headphone, a planar version with Bluetooth dongle for wireless listening.

Hifiman Ananda BT

Review Hifiman Ananda BT (bluetooth) headphones

We already saw the Hifiman Ananda BT headphones at the iEar show in November 2019; now we have the opportunity to try and test Hifiman’s Ananda Bluetooth. A bluetooth planar headphone with a price tag of € 1,200?  Let’s hear it!

Multitest bookshelfs

Multitest budget monitor loudspeakers – 360 – 650 euros

Bookshelfs – or monitors – do not have a real low end.  And cheap speakers don’t sound good by definition. Isn’t that right? Well, uh… …in the old days, maybe. But is that still true? We would like to know what the state of affairs is in the entry segment. Say up to about 600 […]

Multitest: Seven integrated amplifiers 5000 – 6500 euro

What a test. We have learned a lot from being able to put these beauties right next to each other. Because honestly: they are all beautiful devices. Every brand has its own signature. Every brand has its strong and less strong points. And unfortunately it’s true: saving money makes sense.