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Hegel H95

Review Hegel H95 integrated amplifier – with music samples

Hegel is a well know brand at Alpha Audio HQ… Their all-in-one models almost always perform well. Especially when it comes to control and stability. Even the most demanding speakers are in control with these Norwegian wonders. This time we pick up the ‘baby-Hegel’. The successor to the Hegel H90… the Hegel H95… A sleek […]

Hegel H120

Review Hegel H120 all-in-one

The German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, what’s in a name, probably never thought that his name would be used by a Scandinavian audio manufacturer. Nevertheless, we think he would have agreed with the “philosophy” of the company. Hegel himself aspired a kind of total thinking in which he considered philosophy, science, religion and aesthetics […]

Multitest bookshelfs

Multitest budget monitor loudspeakers – 360 – 650 euros

Bookshelfs – or monitors – do not have a real low end.  And cheap speakers don’t sound good by definition. Isn’t that right? Well, uh… …in the old days, maybe. But is that still true? We would like to know what the state of affairs is in the entry segment. Say up to about 600 […]

Multitest: Seven integrated amplifiers 5000 – 6500 euro

What a test. We have learned a lot from being able to put these beauties right next to each other. Because honestly: they are all beautiful devices. Every brand has its own signature. Every brand has its strong and less strong points. And unfortunately it’s true: saving money makes sense.

Review Hegel H190 – Bluesound Node 2i – Monitor Audio Gold 100

We are visiting Poulissen in Roermond. A beautiful shop with a huge range of the better audio equipment. We’re going to test three systems: from entry level to high-end. We start with a modest system that consists of a Hegel H190 with a Bluesound Node 2i and a set of Monitor Audio Gold 100. A […]

Hegel H590

Review Hegel H590 integrated amplifier

10,000 euros… …with five euros back for the bus home. 10,000 euros for an integrated amplifier with streamer and dac… serious money. But the Hegel H590 is worth it. What a beauty. It’s a really nice machine. In our estimation the best integrated all-in-one on the market.

But, uh… two things: why not an app? And if you, as a company, can’t arrange that… why not full ROON support. So not a limp AirPlay solution. Come on Hegel, you can do it! For fuck’s sake, this is a great product. Finish it off with full ROON support.

Hegel Rost

Review Hegel Röst all-in-one

The Hegel Röst is a special device. The integrated streamer, dac, pre- and poweramp are a wonderful combination. This device is also IP to control and Control4 compatible. That’s great for those who are moving towards Custom Install. The streamer is UPnP and AirPlay. That’s nice, but we do miss ROON or a decent app from Hegel himself. That has been the case with Hegel from the beginning. We would consider 5 stars if they still integrate that.