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IsoTek V5 Elektra netfilter

IsoTek released a new mains filter; the V5 Elektra features six outputs while expanding is an option.


IKEA Obegränsad turntable

IKEA seems to have a taste for electronics, its latest hi-fi descendant being the Bluetooth record player Obegränsad.

Ionic Originals

Ionic Originals: new medium in the making

Are you a fan of analog music, but you regret your vinyl wears out relatively quickly? Then Ionic Originals might be for you!

How well does speaker decoupling work? Townshend, Isoacoustics, Primacoustic

On Sunday, April 24, we tried out three speaker decoupling systems for you. The Townshend seismic isolation platforms, Isoacoustics Gaia II and the Primacoustic RX12. We combined these systems with a pair of ATC SCM40A to check out the results. And yes: the differences are greater than we thought!


IFA 2022 will go ahead this year

As far as the organization of IFA is concerned, all lights are green for this year’s edition and the event will take place “traditionally”, from September 2 to 6 in Berlin.


iFi Zen Air Series: wonderfully affordable

Much of the equipment that iFi has in its lineup is already quite affordable, but the Air series makes it all even more attainable.


In-akustik LS-404 Micro-Air speaker cable

The new In-Akustik LS-404 is handmade and can be considered as the equally new flagship of the cable (and much more!) manufacturer.

Isotek Aquarius V5

Review Isotek Aquarius V5 – central powerhouse

As most Alpha Audio readers will know by now, we are currently busy developing a test to objectively identify the qualities of a power conditioner. This will not happen overnight, but the start has been made. Of course, we will not stop with the (partly) subjective mapping of our findings. And the candidate in this […]


Intel CPUs no longer support UHD Blu-ray

Intel has ended support of UHD Blu-ray in its CPUs. The affected processors are member of the newer generations.

Multitest – the best dac for 1000 euros!

Virtually all sources are digital. And this has been the case for some time now. To convert this digital signal to a somewhat more pleasant signal for our ears – analogue – a d/a converter is needed: a digital to analogue converter. Now a dac is basically just a chip. But more is needed to […]