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JBL presents Tuner XL and Tuner 2

JBL makes very nice sounding portable speakers, of which the Tuner has a – well, guess what – built-in tuner. New versions are about to come!


JCAT ultra low noise PSU and Xtreme Edition USB card

The Polish producer JCAT has released an ultra low noise power supply. It also released the Xtreme Edition USB card for audio applications.

Jays Audio CDT-2 - DAC-2

Review Jay’s Audio CDT-2 MK2 and DAC-2 Signature

As citizens of the world, we at Alpha-Audio are open to manufacturers from all corners of the world and therefore also to audio from China. Now we certainly don’t want to go on the political tour but since a few years a few fine manufacturers from the land of the rising sun have joined us. […]


JBL Professional ONE Series 104: small but powerful

JBL has released the new Professional ONE Series 104. The compact dimensions of the new Professional ONE Series 104 do not mean that you have to let yourself get carried away with it.

JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé

Review JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé

French speaker manufacturer Jean-Marie Reynaud has something to celebrate. Or rather, they keep on celebrating. In 2017 they blew out 50 candles. And therefore an anniversary edition is made of each speaker. The last metamorphosis was done by the Bliss Silver who was transformed into the JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé. And no, this is no […]

Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic

Review JPlay Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic

We estimate that the Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic is of interest to owners of a high-end system who are ready for the dot on the ‘i’.

Jplay mini-speler

Review JPlay Femto (2019)

JPlay or ROON? First of all, JPlay is cheaper (one-time 150 euros). However, ROON has considerably more possibilities, although the basics remain the same: a server, a player and a control app.