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JCAT Optimo S ATX Linear PC Power Supply

JCAT has released a unique, 100 percent linear PC power supply in the form of the Optimo S ATX, perfect for ‘the audio PC’.

Jcat USB XE - Optimo Nano

Jcat USB XE and Pico Nano – Beauty from within

We have written before about the Jcat NET XE pci-express card. A network card from the Polish company Jcat. We have been using pci-express cards from Jcat for some time now and time after time we are surprised by how well it works. The ‘Femto’ series brings more calmness and flow compared to standard usb […]


JCAT ultra low noise PSU and Xtreme Edition USB card

The Polish producer JCAT has released an ultra low noise power supply. It also released the Xtreme Edition USB card for audio applications.