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KEF LSX II Wireless hifi system

The LSX II is, in the words of manufacturer KEF, “a high-quality high-fidelity audio system that meets all needs in home entertainment”.


Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 speakerset

The new Klipsch ProMedia Heritage is a 2.1 speaker set specifically for use with a PC, laptop or television.


iEar’ invites: KEF – 12, 13 in 14 mei

KEF celebrates its 60th anniversary with company history, listening sessions with the new Reference META, Blade META and the unveiling of a KEF World First!


KRO-NCRV Clinton Young: About time

Well, it has nothing to with audio, but then again it is streaming. And the KRO-NCRV docu about Clinton Young ís a good story too. So onward, by way of exception!


KEF presents new Blade loudspeaker

KEF unveils the latest ‘Blade’ flagship floorstanding speakers and a new model of the groundbreaking ‘The Reference’ speaker.


Klipsch The Fives in McLaren F1 edition

The Klipsch The Fives active speakers will be available in an SE version, featuring McLaren F1 looks.


Keces IQRP-3600 high power line filter

A mains filter comes in very handy to provide your hi-fi equipment with clean power; Keces provides good starting point with the IQRP-3600.


Knosti Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic record cleaner

Vinyl fans know that records in essence are dust magnets. Which means a record cleaner like this one from Knosti is needed for “clean” listening.

Kinki Studio EX-M7

Review Kinki Studio EX-M7 – Red Dragon Power

We Come from China, it says on the back of the Kinki Studio EX-M7 power amplifier. Proud of your country. And there is nothing wrong with that! We are also proud of the Netherlands in the sense that we are pretty good at digging tunnels, salvaging ships and building bridges. And we are technologically quite […]

Mass test – Six tube amps – Live Stream replay

Live Tests are fun. And very instructive. For example, you learn which combinations work well and which differences you can and should expect when you change an amplifier. In this test of six tube amps the differences are – as expected – quite audible. But you as a viewer can easily see and hear that […]