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Keces IQRP-3600 high power line filter

A mains filter comes in very handy to provide your hi-fi equipment with clean power; Keces provides good starting point with the IQRP-3600.

Keces E40

Review Keces E40 integrated amplifier

Ok, we may be exaggerating a bit, but we are convinced that a device like the Keces E40 – supplied by Kemp Elektronics – can be the beginning of a new, special hobby.

Overzicht voedingen voedingetest

Multitest external 12-volt power supplies

What an interesting test! We were able to put five top products side by side. Both affordable and pricy stuff. We were also able to see on a measuring bench what they are technically capable of. Does the best measuring power supply sound the best? Well… in this case it does.