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KEF LSX II Wireless hifi system

The LSX II is, in the words of manufacturer KEF, “a high-quality high-fidelity audio system that meets all needs in home entertainment”.


iEar’ invites: KEF – 12, 13 in 14 mei

KEF celebrates its 60th anniversary with company history, listening sessions with the new Reference META, Blade META and the unveiling of a KEF World First!


KEF presents new Blade loudspeaker

KEF unveils the latest ‘Blade’ flagship floorstanding speakers and a new model of the groundbreaking ‘The Reference’ speaker.

Multitest bookshelfs

Multitest budget monitor loudspeakers – 360 – 650 euros

Bookshelfs – or monitors – do not have a real low end.  And cheap speakers don’t sound good by definition. Isn’t that right? Well, uh… …in the old days, maybe. But is that still true? We would like to know what the state of affairs is in the entry segment. Say up to about 600 […]


Review KEF CI4100QL THX in-wall speaker

Are you looking for a compact, well priced built-in speaker? KEF has an interesting option with the 4100QL THX. This built-in speaker sounds pleasant overall. No sharpness, good resolving power and a nice vocal area. Do know that you need a subwoofer for a full experience.

KEF – Kent Engineering and Foundry – is a British speaker manufacturer. KEF was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke. Funny detail is that Cooke was made OBE in 1979 – a royal award – by Elizabeth II. KEF has a large line of products. Although GP – Golden Peak, Hong Kong – bought KEF, the complete development is still done in England. Even in Tovil, where KEF is originally located. A historic model of KEF is and remains the LS5/1A for the BBC. Later an LS3/5A with special units was built there. The coaxial unit with which KEF is now so familiar was introduced in 1988. The first series is the Uni-Q, C series from KEF. By now the Uni-Q drivers can be found in practically all KEF products.