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Kudos Super 20A

Review Kudos Cardea Super 20A – straight to the heart

Loyal readers of Alpha Audio know that we have had a pair of Kudos speakers in our listening room on a few occasions. However, those were all models from the top series: the Titan 505 and Titan 606. At Latham – the supplier for Kudos in the Netherlands and Belgium – we also got to […]

Review Naim 500 series with Kudos Titan 606

There are systems that just only really work when it is set up in a certain ecosystem. Now that we think about it, this applies to quite a few systems. But if one stands out, it’s Naim. Right… that stubborn British brand. With DIN cables, separate power supplies and the left and right speaker connections […]

Paradigm Persona B

Live Stream Replay – Focal VS Paradigm VS Kudos Audio

We performed a trio test on Friday 24 April: the Focal Sopra No1 versus the Paradigm Persona B versus the Kudos Titan 505. Three masterful bookshelve speakers – monitor speakers – each with their own strong points. We have used our live stream set-up to show what they are capable of. We also shared our […]