Review Lake People G108 headphone amplifier – ‘Deutsche Grundlichkeit”

Headfi is a whole other world. However, we at Alpha Audio do find it fascinating, because there is a lot of quality to be had for relatively little money. Lake People is such a brand that – according to many – delivers a lot of quality for a very interesting price. We have the Lake […]


Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 HDMI 2.1 module

Lyngdorf has released the TDAI-3400 HDMI 2.1 upgrade module, intended for the TDAI-3400 amplifier.


LG CineBeam projector for outdoor use

There are those people who prefer to do everything outdoors, including watching movies and TV. LG is coming to their rescue with the CineBeam projector.


Lindy BNX-60XT ANC headphones

Lindy has released a sweetly priced pair of headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC): the BNX-60XT.


LEAK Stereo 230 integrated amplifier

LEAK releases the new Stereo 230 integrated amplifier, a – as the name suggests – integrated stereo amplifier.

Review LHY SW-8 Switch and LHY LPS50VA Linear Power Supply

LHY is a subsidiary brand of the longstanding audio brand Jay’s Audio from China. LHY offers a number of products in the area of power supplies, clocks and switches. In this review, we look at the SW-8 and the linear power supply: the LPS50VA.


OLED becomes OLED EX, for everyone

If you buy an OLED TV now, chances are that it incorporates an OLED EX panel, with 30% higher brightness.


LG presents T90 TONE Free in-ears

LG has presented its new flagship in-ears; the T90 TONE Free features Dolby Head Tracking, among other features.


Luxman presents L-507Z

The Luxman L-507Z is the first of the brand’s new “Gen Z” line of equipment and involves an integrated amplifier.


LHY SW-8 network switch

The new LHY SW-8 network switch is specifically designed for audiophile applications and based on the Linksys LGS108.