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LG HU915QE ultra short throw laserprojector

Interested in a projector, but preferably one that doesn’t have to stand on a tripod or hang from the ceiling? Then the LG HU915QE is the solution for you!


LG releases battery TV on wheeled stand

LG is bringing the concept of “mobile” to the home. In the form of a television placed on a stand fitted with wheels.


LG soundbar with up firing center speaker

LG presents the world’s first soundbar containing (among other things) upwards firing center speakers, which should lead to an even more immersive sound.

Apple Music

Apple Music: now listen via LG tv’s

You can now listen to Apple Music via LG smart TVs, including watching 4K music videos if you are in the mood.


Apple TV+ available for LG televisions

For the 2019 models of LG OLED TVs, an update is available that makes Apple TV+ available. Also a number of LCD TV’s will get this update.