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Mutec REF10 Clock

Review Mutec REF10 master clock – everything in its time

Some devices deserve a slightly different approach. And a slightly different review. We are going to try and convey our impressions in a different, more creative way. Because how else do you review the Mutec REF10 master clock?


MFE anniversary cable series, another step higher

Germany’s MFE is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and to mark this milestone the “30th Anniversary Edition” cable series has been released.


Mutec offers upgrade for REF10

If you own a Mutec REF10 clock generator, you can now upgrade it to the even more accurate REF10 SE120.


Meze Audio LIRIC closed planar headphones

Romanian company Meze Audio released its first closed planar magnetic headphones, the LIRIC. Intended for portable use.


Meridian DSP8000 XE active speaker

Meridian released its new series of ‘Digital Active Loudspeakers’, with the flagship being the DSP8000 XE.


Mojo releases new Mystique X DAC

The American manufacturer Mojo presents their brand new Mystique X DAC, based on NOS AD1862 ladder DACs. No output transformers or coupling capacitors are used.

Review Merason Audio DAC1 – Swiss Craftsmanship

As a digital platform, we are always on the lookout for manufacturers who are doing something unique and Switzerland’s Dafraud GMBH, which Merason Audio is part of, is one such manufacturer. They may be a small player but their quirky take on the wonderful world called digital-to-analog conversion fascinates and intrigues. We already tested the […]


Mercedes taking a ride with Burmester in Maybach

Mercedes joined forces with Burmester, resulting in an extensive Dolby Atmos system in their Maybach top-of-the-bill models.

M&K Sound

M&K Sound M90 on-wall speakers

Ideal: if you don’t feel up to the hacking and breaking that comes with in-wall speakers, the M&K Sound M90 on-wall speakers are made for you.

MOON phono pre-amps

Review – MOON phono pre-amps – Fly me to the Phono-moon!

Suppose you have a reasonable mid-range record player. Does it then matter what kind of phono preamp you connect to it? What would the differences be and, not unimportantly, is the difference in price audible/explainable/justifiable? We’re going to experience it with you, because we have almost the entire lineup of phono pre-amplifiers from MOON in […]