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Marshall Willen mini-Bluetooth-speaker

The new Marshall Willen is an ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker that fits in the palm of your hand; multiple ones can be combined.


MIT technicians created ultra flat speaker

Researchers at the famed MIT have come up with an ultra-flat speaker that you can simply stick to any surface.

Meze Audio

Meze Audio ADVAR wired in-ears

Wireless is all fine and dandy, but with these wired ADVAR in-ears from Meze Audio, you avoid all the (compression) dramas of Bluetooth.


Melco Audio S10 high-end network switch

Melco Audio has launched the S10 network switch, intended for audiophile applications and equipped with a separate power supply.

Meridian DSP5200SE

Review Meridian DSP5200 SE – Active minimalism

If there’s one company high on the lists of being innovative in the digital field, it’s Meridian. The ‘father’ of the brand – Bob Stuart – has many innovations to his name. Now we’re not going to talk about MQA. If we look beyond that (somewhat controversial) format, we see for example also MLP: the […]

Marantz Model 40n

Review Marantz Model 40n – With the ‘N’ of “Neat!”

Your editor still regrets – if we stay within the hi-fi hobby for a moment – one thing: the sale of a Marantz receiver. A quadrophonic monster. We’re guessing it was a 4415. What a wonderful receiver that was. but hey… those were the early days…. Back to present day; the time for Marantz to […]


Moon streamers now with Tidal Connect

Moon informs that this brand’s streamers got Tidal Connect implemented, which is good news for subscribers to this music service.


Marantz MODEL 40n integrated amplifier

Marantz launched the MODEL 40n integrated amplifier. This model provides easy access to a wide range of digital music, podcasts and more.


McIntosh RS250 & RS150 streaming speakers

McIntosh presents the RS250 and RS150 active speakers, equipped with wireless streaming capabilities and Bluetooth.


Melco Audio N10/2 Music Library

What is immediately striking about the new Melco Audio N10/2 Music Library is its setup of two separate cabinets.