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Review Merason Audio DAC1 – Swiss Craftsmanship

As a digital platform, we are always on the lookout for manufacturers who are doing something unique and Switzerland’s Dafraud GMBH, which Merason Audio is part of, is one such manufacturer. They may be a small player but their quirky take on the wonderful world called digital-to-analog conversion fascinates and intrigues. We already tested the […]

Merason Audio POW1

Merason Audio Pow1 linear power supply – Power to the People

A while back we tested the Merason Audio Frérot d/a converter and liked it so much that we have since purchased it as a reference. It sounds excellent, is nicely made, and colors less than the Denafrips Ares II. Meanwhile, there is an optional power supply available that should take the Frérot to an even […]