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Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio celebrates 50th anniversary

Monitor Audio has been around for 50 years, and the world – if it’s up to the manufacturer – shall know this. You can also buy yourself a souvenir.

Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio presents IMS-4 Music Streamer

Monitor Audio has released the new IMS-4 Music Streamer, running on BluOS. Stream just about anything you can think of… in terms of audio that is.

Monitor Audio Gold 100

Review Monitor Audio Gold 100 – G5

The British speaker producer Monitor Audio is no stranger to Alpha-Audio and your humble servant has already taken care of some speakers of the legendary brand. The different Studio and the amazing Silver 300 passed by and left a good impression. Not only because of their sound but also because of their exceptional finish. Today […]

Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio releases sixth generation Bronze series

The sixth generation Bronze series of speakers by Monitor Audio is a fact. You can choose from eight different models.

Multitest bookshelfs

Multitest budget monitor loudspeakers – 360 – 650 euros

Bookshelfs – or monitors – do not have a real low end.  And cheap speakers don’t sound good by definition. Isn’t that right? Well, uh… …in the old days, maybe. But is that still true? We would like to know what the state of affairs is in the entry segment. Say up to about 600 […]

Review Hegel H190 – Bluesound Node 2i – Monitor Audio Gold 100

We are visiting Poulissen in Roermond. A beautiful shop with a huge range of the better audio equipment. We’re going to test three systems: from entry level to high-end. We start with a modest system that consists of a Hegel H190 with a Bluesound Node 2i and a set of Monitor Audio Gold 100. A […]

Monitor Audio Silver 300

Review Monitor Audio Silver 300

The Monitor Audio Silver 300 is a fine loudspeaker that you will enjoy. One that does not take itself too seriously. It is an elegant, affordable three-way speaker. It is constructed from quality materials and beautifully finished. The sound doesn’t emphasize anything and has a pure signature. Its fast reproduction makes it ideal for pop and electronic music. But vocal work also comes into its own. A versatile loudspeaker that doesn’t break the bank.