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Moon streamers now with Tidal Connect

Moon informs that this brand’s streamers got Tidal Connect implemented, which is good news for subscribers to this music service.

MOON phono pre-amps

Review – MOON phono pre-amps – Fly me to the Phono-moon!

Suppose you have a reasonable mid-range record player. Does it then matter what kind of phono preamp you connect to it? What would the differences be and, not unimportantly, is the difference in price audible/explainable/justifiable? We’re going to experience it with you, because we have almost the entire lineup of phono pre-amplifiers from MOON in […]

MOON 600i

Review MOON 600i V2 integrated amplifier

We recently had the MOON 680D for a visit. It’s a beautiful converter with streamer. In short: an interesting package for those looking for a high-quality digital system. But it lacks something: a volume control. Or an amplifier. So today: the MOON 600i V2… the perfect partner. Or is it?


Review MOON 680D (V2)

The Canadian brand MOON has a rich history. This year, the brand is forty years old. It has therefore – not entirely surprisingly – released a 40th Anniversary Edition. The subject of today – the MOON 680D – does not fall under that new, limited edition range. But this model has benefited from forty years […]


Video – Short first impression of the MOON 680D

The new MOON 680D is a particularly versatile dac / streamer. With numerous inputs, including bluetooth AptX, it is a high-end dream machine for the modern audio / music lover. We briefly run through the features and give a first impression of the sound.

MOON 700i V2

Review MOON 700i V2 integrated amplifier

Is this the best integrated amplifier we have had in our listening room? Perhaps… And have we already revealed the outcome of the review? Yeah… as a matter of fact, we did. Anyway, we hope you’ll stick around for the rest of the review of this MOON 700i V2. There is much more to tell […]

Multitest d/a converters – 1500 – 2500 euro

Are you looking for the best DAC (d/a converter) in the price range from 1500 euro to 2500 euro? That’s great! Because we’ve put ten beauties side by side. And we tested it live on camera for you. You were able to follow this stream on 15 February 2020. But if you missed it: here […]

Replay – Live Stream DAC test

On February 15, 2020 we have had ten guests in the listening room: ten dacs to be exact. To have some extra fun, we tested them live on camera for you. So you were able to listen in and see how we work. It was a beautiful day. Not only is it very nice to […]

Multitest: Seven integrated amplifiers 5000 – 6500 euro

What a test. We have learned a lot from being able to put these beauties right next to each other. Because honestly: they are all beautiful devices. Every brand has its own signature. Every brand has its strong and less strong points. And unfortunately it’s true: saving money makes sense.