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Mutec REF10-120

Review Mutec REF10-SE120 – The FlowMaster

A short time ago we looked at and listened to the Mutec REF10. That was a complete revelation. A kind of reprogramming of our audio brain. Helios was kind enough to also send us the Mutec REF10-SE120. The more luxurious brother of the REF10… same box, same outputs… different clock crystal. Can it really get […]

Mutec REF10 Clock

Review Mutec REF10 master clock – everything in time

Some devices deserve a slightly different approach. And a slightly different review. We are going to try and convey our impressions in a different, more creative way. Because how else do you review the Mutec REF10 master clock?


Mutec offers upgrade for REF10

If you own a Mutec REF10 clock generator, you can now upgrade it to the even more accurate REF10 SE120.