Nubert Nuconnect TRX

Review Nubert NuConnect TRX wireless transmitter

Wireless technology is convenient. Especially if you have to bridge long distances and a cable is not an option. Within an audio setup you can think of a surround setup where the rear speakers are difficult to reach. Or connecting a TV to the amplifier when the TV is in a different place. Until recently, […]


Review NAD M33 all-in-one

The Master Series of NAD is the statement of the British brand. When NAD presented the new design in 2015, everyone was pretty impressed. What a beauties! Pure gems! A modern housing, touchscreen, beautiful dual tone accents: yes… a true Masterpiece. Alpha, however, was not equally charmed by all models in the new series. At […]

Video – Multitest – the best amplifier for 2500 euros

It was time for another big group test. Live on Youtube, with you! On saturday 22-08-2002 we tested seven beautiful amplifiers in the price class of 2500 euro next to each other. Three are a bit different: the NAD is the cheapest with 1800 euro, the Advance Paris is a pre- and power-amp combination. And […]

First Impression NAD M33 all-in-one

The NAD M33 is the Master Series integrated amplifier. Or better: an all-in-one. Because it is not only an amplifier, it is also a streamer, dac and phono stage. Oh: and there is a hdmi eARC input. A real all-in-one in the purest form. But: how does it sound? We’ll give you a first impression!

Neve Fidelice

Review Rupert Neve Designs Fidelice Precision DAC

Rupert Neve is an icon with his roots in the studio world. Most Neve mixing desks have his Characteristic signature on the product. And they can be found in the world’s best studios. Until recently, Neve’s products were exclusively intended for the professional market. The Fidelice series should change that. We are testing Rupert Neve […]

Overzicht actieve monitors - multitest

Multitest Active Monitor Speakers (with video)

It’s almost like vinyl versus streaming: active and passive loudspeakers. Active speakers kill the hobby, many fans believe. But on the other hand: active offers a lot of value for money. Everything is matched. And that has many advantages. We put five completely different active monitor speakers side by side: PSI, Yamaha, Behringer, HEDD and […]


Nordost creates matching tone arm cable for VPI

When VPI needed a new tone arm cable, it went for a chat with Nordost. The result was a collaboration that led to the Weisline-series tonearm cables.

NEAT Ministra

Review Neat Acoustics Ministra

Neat Acoustics is a relatively small company from Teesdale, Great Britain that has been making handmade loudspeakers for twenty years (all in the UK). In recent years, the company has been in the news mainly with its separate Iota line and also has a clear range with the Motive, Momentum and Ultimatum series. The Neat […]

Naim Audio

Naim adds Qobuz via firmware update

Naim announces that Qobuz is available for the brand’s music streamers via a firmware update. From now on you can listen to streams in the highest quality available.

NAD C658

Review NAD C 658 dac – pre-amp – streamer

In recent years we see more and more all-in-one devices appearing on the market and although initially people looked down on these crammed boxes, they seem to determine the future of the audio world today; the year 2020. In recent months we have seen the birth of the Nad M10, Hegel H120, Arcam SA30 and […]