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NEAT Ministra

Review Neat Acoustics Ministra

Neat Acoustics is a relatively small company from Teesdale, Great Britain that has been making handmade loudspeakers for twenty years (all in the UK). In recent years, the company has been in the news mainly with its separate Iota line and also has a clear range with the Motive, Momentum and Ultimatum series. The Neat […]

Naim Audio

Naim adds Qobuz via firmware update

Naim announces that Qobuz is available for the brand’s music streamers via a firmware update. From now on you can listen to streams in the highest quality available.

NAD C658

Review NAD C 658 dac – pre-amp – streamer

In recent years we see more and more all-in-one devices appearing on the market and although initially people looked down on these crammed boxes, they seem to determine the future of the audio world today; the year 2020. In recent months we have seen the birth of the Nad M10, Hegel H120, Arcam SA30 and […]


Review Naim Nait XS 3

The Naim Nait XS 3 is an excellent analogue integrated amplifier. It has sufficient inputs, meaningful outputs, a Class A headphone amplifier and now also a fine phono stage. It is also easy to use, has an excellent remote control and is packed with quality components.

Testpanel Switch Test

Seven switches for streaming audio tested – Blind!

What a wonderful day we have had with this team of readers of Alpha Audio. Thanks again for the commitment!

We have streamed this live all day to let you watch. And it has been gratefully used. We love that! This day tastes like more! Today’s conclusion: yes… a switch does make an audible difference.

Multitest: Seven integrated amplifiers 5000 – 6500 euro

What a test. We have learned a lot from being able to put these beauties right next to each other. Because honestly: they are all beautiful devices. Every brand has its own signature. Every brand has its strong and less strong points. And unfortunately it’s true: saving money makes sense.

Review NAD M10 all-in-one

It is striking that the NAD M10 is tuned differently from the M32. The M32 sounds a bit more distant and – it seems – a bit less energetic than the M10. In any case, the match on our Focals with the M10 is a bit more pleasant. We’re getting a little more into the music. And that for 2000 euros less than the M32. So you see!


Review NAIM ND5 XS2

NAIM is an excellent successor to the ND5 XS2. The new XS2 has an (even) more musical character overall. Vocals look cleaner and a little warmer. That is nice. The level of detail and imaging has remained the same overall. But in the subtle details differences are noticeable. At the bottom of the line the overall picture is a bit better. Add ROON and for us the control side is right too. Remember: the new XS2 no longer has a display, no optional power supply and no remote control. No problem for us… but maybe for you.