Testpanel Switch Test

Seven switches for streaming audio tested – Blind!

What a wonderful day we have had with this team of readers of Alpha Audio. Thanks again for the commitment!

We have streamed this live all day to let you watch. And it has been gratefully used. We love that! This day tastes like more! Today’s conclusion: yes… a switch does make an audible difference.

Netgear Orbi Voice bureau

Review Netgear Orbi Voice Mesh Wifi Smart Speaker

With the Orbi Voice, Netgear has delivered a beautiful, convenient and good sounding combination of a Mesh Wifi system, voice assistant and speaker. In all areas he scores very well, both in design and wifi speed and sound quality. Alexa works well and responds quickly. The lack of more streaming services and the absence of internet radio are a drawback. Overall, this system is highly recommended.