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Nubert nuConnect ampX now in white

The Nubert nuConnect ampX is now available in the color white too, the German manufacturer reports.


Nubert releases nuBoxx AS-425 max soundbar

The Nubert nuBoxx AS-425 is the fourth member of a series of soundbars from the German manufacturer.

Nubert X-4000

Review Nubert X-4000 RC (NuPro)

We have some nice stuff from Germany. Again. And they are – again – from Nubert. This brand is also fully committed to active loudspeakers and they have again added their own twist, pardon Schwung to it with the Nubert X-4000 RC active monitor speaker. We’re going to check them out!


Nubert nuPro AS-3500 soundbar

Nubert has released the new nuPro AS-3500 soundbar. It fits exactly between the previously released nuBox AS-225 and nuPro XS-7500.

Nubert Nuconnect TRX

Review Nubert NuConnect TRX wireless transmitter

Wireless technology is convenient. Especially if you have to bridge long distances and a cable is not an option. Within an audio setup you can think of a surround setup where the rear speakers are difficult to reach. Or connecting a TV to the amplifier when the TV is in a different place. Until recently, […]