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Primare A35.8 8-channel amplifier

That the new Primare A35.8 has a total of 8 channels on board already indicates, of course, that this amplifier is primarily intended for surround.


Pro-Ject MAIA S3 integrated amplifier

Pro-Ject has released the new My Audiophile Integrated Amplifier S3 – which from now on we’ll just call MAIA S3.


Pro-Ject Metallica turntable

Metallica fan? Then look no further for a record player, but quickly get this very special Pro-Ject Metallica player!


Pro-Ject E1: turntable for the masses

The new E1 from Pro-ject is the first of the new E-Line turntables for the budget-conscious audiophile starter.

Review Primare A35.8 – the bridge between movies and music

Sweden’s Primare is a brand that has forty years of experience producing hi-fi. And it applies delicious Scandinavian sobriety in the process. Focus on the important things. Think of a in house developed, solid power supply, sleek design without bling and use of proven concepts. Think of Hypex nCore. We take a look at their […]

Review Pass Labs X150.8 – Entry-level Pass… or is it?

In the world of luxury goods, the entry level products have a tough time. The Porsche Cayman for example. That’s the Porsche for those who can’t afford a 911 (the connoisseur knows better by the way). Or Scansonic for those who can’t afford a Raidho. And so there are many examples. What about the Pass […]

How well does speaker decoupling work? Townshend, Isoacoustics, Primacoustic

On Sunday, April 24, we tried out three speaker decoupling systems for you. The Townshend seismic isolation platforms, Isoacoustics Gaia II and the Primacoustic RX12. We combined these systems with a pair of ATC SCM40A to check out the results. And yes: the differences are greater than we thought!

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s latest: Hey Hey Rise Up

Against all odds, Pink Floyd has gathered for one last time, to raise money for Ukraine.


Philips TV & Sound wins 4 Red Dot Product Design Awards

Philips TV & Sound won four 2022 Red Dot Product Design Awards, of course always great to see your designs getting crowned!


Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 CD player

Should you happen to be looking out for a brand new and high quality pure CD player, the new Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 may be for you!