Pro-Ject Debut Pro White Edition

That a turntable really doesn’t always have to be humble black or shiny silver, Pro-Ject proves with the Debut Pro White Edition.


New OLED TVs from Philips

TP Vision, licensee of Philips TV & Sound, presents a new premium OLED TV, ‘The Xtra’ models and LCD Ambilight TV sets, all equipped with the new 7th Gen P5 processor.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon 50 years boxset

Fans of Pink Floyd will enjoy the new box set The Dark Side Of The Moon, celebrating the album’s 50th anniversary.

Review Pura Sauropoda mains filter – it’s all in the details

Filters and power conditioning in general has pros and cons. And as an independend review platform, we have to act a bit like Switzerland. There are situations in which a filter can’t really improve on stuff. And thus really only gets in the way. However: with the advent of more and more switching power supplies, […]


Philips Sound with new headphones

Philips Sound launches two new premium Fidelio models and two GO Sports headphones.


Philips presents new MiniLED series

TP Vision, owner of Philips television, is releasing a new series of MiniLED televisions this year, in different picture sizes.


Philips N7808 sleep headphones

TP Vision – which has Philips Audio under its wing, among others – presents the N7808 sleep headphones, for a good night’s sleep.

Perlisten S4b

Review Perlisten S4b monitor speaker – Honestly lasts the longest

The American brand Perlisten is a newcomer to the scene but is rapidly gaining a foothold in the crowded audio market. They are doing this by having their loudspeakers confidently tested by the entire international press. And by doing things a little differently than usual. In fact, they are fully committed to innovation, and this […]

Pangea Audio

Pangea Audio presents Premier XL cables

American Pangea Audio manufactures its own audio cabling, its new flagship product being the Premier XL cables.


Pure Evoke Home in limited edition cherry

What we were trying to say exactly with the title is that the Pure Evoke now comes in a limited cherry wood edition, for anyone who loves it.