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Video – Multitest – the best amplifier for 2500 euros

It was time for another big group test. Live on Youtube, with you! On saturday 22-08-2002 we tested seven beautiful amplifiers in the price class of 2500 euro next to each other. Three are a bit different: the NAD is the cheapest with 1800 euro, the Advance Paris is a pre- and power-amp combination. And […]

Review Primare R35 phono pre-amp

Vinyl has been hot for a couple of years now and it will stay that way for a while (we guess). But if you thought you were finished with a nice turntable, then you should definitely read through. Welcome to the world of phono preamplifiers. We are testing the reference model of the Swedish Primare: […]

Overzicht actieve monitors - multitest

Multitest Active Monitor Speakers (with video)

It’s almost like vinyl versus streaming: active and passive loudspeakers. Active speakers kill the hobby, many fans believe. But on the other hand: active offers a lot of value for money. Everything is matched. And that has many advantages. We put five completely different active monitor speakers side by side: PSI, Yamaha, Behringer, HEDD and […]

PS Audio

PS Audio Stellar M1200: tube to input, Class D output

PS Audio has released a new mono power amplifier. The Stellar M1200 has a tube-based input stage and a Class D power amplifier.

Paradigm Persona B

Live Stream Replay – Focal VS Paradigm VS Kudos Audio

We performed a trio test on Friday 24 April: the Focal Sopra No1 versus the Paradigm Persona B versus the Kudos Titan 505. Three masterful bookshelve speakers – monitor speakers – each with their own strong points. We have used our live stream set-up to show what they are capable of. We also shared our […]

Kudos Loudspeaker

Live Stream multitest – Paradigm Persona B, Kudos Audio 805, Focal Sopra No1

Next Friday – April 24th 2020, 10:00 CET – we are going to do another live test. A trio test. The Focal Sopra No1 versus the Paradigm Persona B versus the Kudos 505. Three Titans. For powering them, we use our trusty reference system.

PSB Speakers

PSB Speakers presents new subwoofers

Canadian PSB Speakers have announced new subwoofers in the Alpha series, giving you extra bass in the room.


Panasonic SC-DM504 micro hi-fi system

High end sound is not always needed in every room. And then this Panasonic SC-DM504 comes in handy!


Panasonic presents M-series headphones

Panasonic has released three new wireless headphones under the name M-Series. Especially for bass lovers.

Purecable releases new Master series cables

In the well-known nano line, Purecable presents a new series for the high-end market: the Master series. A product line-up with only the highest quality cables, finishing and plugs.