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Pass Labs

Review Pass Labs X150.8 – Entry-level Pass… or is it?

In the world of luxury goods, the entry level products have a tough time. The Porsche Cayman for example. That’s the Porsche for those who can’t afford a 911 (the connoisseur knows better by the way). Or Scansonic for those who can’t afford a Raidho. And so there are many examples. What about the Pass […]

Pass Labs INT-25

Review Pass Labs INT-25 integrated amplifier

With three single ended inputs and 25 watts of power, this Pass Labs won’t immediately rise to the top of anyone mind who is looking for great ‘specs’. But power says nothing, we know at Alpha Audio. One 25-watt model is not like another. And at Pass Labs… well… you know… read on

Pass Labs XP-22

Review Pass Labs XP-22

The Pass Labs XP-22 preamplifier is another beautiful creation by Nelson Pass. To be honest, we are used to it. Nice about the XP-22 compared to the XP-12 is the gain in dynamics, tranquillity and spaciousness. This is clearly audible if your set allows it. The extra cost of 3700 euros is certainly worth it in our opinion.

Now a pure analog preamplifier in these days of digital audio is of course a niche product. But we are very happy that there are manufacturers who put time, energy, money and research into this. Because the fact is: a beauty like this remains beautiful. And there remains a market for it. Alpha Approved!

Review Pass Labs XP-12 pre amplifier

Pass Labs never introduces anything new. When a new model of preamplifier ends up on the shelves, something has also been changed significantly. This is also the case with Pass Labs XP-12, which succeeds the ‘good old’ XP-10. We put these two beauties thoroughly next to each other!