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Pass Labs XP-22

Review Pass Labs XP-22

The Pass Labs XP-22 preamplifier is another beautiful creation by Nelson Pass. To be honest, we are used to it. Nice about the XP-22 compared to the XP-12 is the gain in dynamics, tranquillity and spaciousness. This is clearly audible if your set allows it. The extra cost of 3700 euros is certainly worth it in our opinion.

Now a pure analog preamplifier in these days of digital audio is of course a niche product. But we are very happy that there are manufacturers who put time, energy, money and research into this. Because the fact is: a beauty like this remains beautiful. And there remains a market for it. Alpha Approved!

Review Pass Labs XP-12 pre amplifier

Pass Labs never introduces anything new. When a new model of preamplifier ends up on the shelves, something has also been changed significantly. This is also the case with Pass Labs XP-12, which succeeds the ‘good old’ XP-10. We put these two beauties thoroughly next to each other!