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PliXir BAC3000

Review PliXir BAC3000 power conditioner – clean laundry!

We got ourselves into a bit of a pickle with the multitest of power conditioners. There are – despite the obvious differences in the live multitest – still quite a few skeptics. Partly for this reason, we recently purchased a complete measurement setup. That way we can – if possible – actually show things. In […]

Live Stream test – Power conditioners – YETI, Isol-8, PliXir, Isotek

On Sunday, November 28, 2021, we listened to four beautiful power conditioners (Live): the YETI Reference, Isol-8 HC, PliXir Elite BAC 3000 and the Isotek Titan V5. You could again watch te stream; it’s embedded in this review. We started the test with a cable directly into the wall. Then we started listening to the […]