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Qualcomm: lossless Bluetooth arrives this year

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm expects their new Bluetooth chip to allow lossless streaming via Bluetooth before the end of the year.


QED Connect: nice price cables

The British QED wants to prove with its new Connect series that a good quality cable doesn’t to cost a fortune.


Qobuz Duo: share a hi-res subscription!

Qobuz announces that two people in one household can now share a hi-res subscription; which obviously saves money.


Questyle headphone amplifier and DAC

Chinese Questyle presents the CMA Fifteen, which becomes the manufacturer’s new flagship. And a DAC cum headphone amplifier.


Qobuz as an app for Samsung TVs

Music streaming service Qobuz has launched its first ever app for TVs, partnering with Samsung.

Bowers & Wilkins 804D4 – Quad versus Van Medevoort

September 26, 2021 marked the first major live stream of the season! And we kicked off big time with two wonderful systems. One from the Netherlands and one from the United Kingdom. Yes: Van Medevoort versus Bowers & Wikins and Quad. Let the games begin

Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics Q Active 400 columns

As the name of the new Q Acoustics Q Active 400 probably suggests, this is an active speaker in column format.

Live Stream multitest – the best speaker cable up to 200 euros

Last weekend we tested seven loudspeaker cables live on Youtube. With you! Or actually: six cables and a piece of lamp cord from some store. It was an interesting test in which some very audible differences. Well: in our opinion. In this article we explain everything to you. 

Q acoustics 3030i

Review Q Acoustics 3030i monitor loudspeaker

A while ago we tested the Q Acoustics 3050i floorstanding speaker, a nice introduction to the young British Q Acoustics. When we heard that a new monitor was added to the 3000 series, we immediately requested a test sample. And so now a pair of Arctic White Q Acoustics 3030i is playing in our listening […]

Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics presents new bookshelf speakers

Q Acoustics releases a new bookshelf speaker in the shape of the 3030i. Compact sound for on the desk, for example.