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Live Stream multitest – the best speaker cable up to 200 euros

Last weekend we tested seven loudspeaker cables live on Youtube. With you! Or actually: six cables and a piece of lamp cord from some store. It was an interesting test in which some very audible differences. Well: in our opinion. In this article we explain everything to you. 

Q acoustics 3030i

Review Q Acoustics 3030i monitor loudspeaker

A while ago we tested the Q Acoustics 3050i floorstanding speaker, a nice introduction to the young British Q Acoustics. When we heard that a new monitor was added to the 3000 series, we immediately requested a test sample. And so now a pair of Arctic White Q Acoustics 3030i is playing in our listening […]

Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics presents new bookshelf speakers

Q Acoustics releases a new bookshelf speaker in the shape of the 3030i. Compact sound for on the desk, for example.

Quadraspire Qplus Advanced

Review Quadraspire QPlus Advanced

The Quadraspire QPlus Advanced is no snake oil. It is a tweak that has an audible and reproducible positive effect. More air, more low definition. We think it’s a tweak for those who have their system in order: cables, acoustics, placement of speakers. Then this can be the next step. Fact is: we’ve been playing with it for a couple of months and don’t want to get rid of it anymore. It just works. But fact is: it is not a ‘bang for the buck’ tweak.

Concept 300

Review Q Acoustics Concept 300 monitor

It is therefore the combination of high performance and a surprisingly low price that ensures that Q Acoustics makes products with a high ‘grant’-factor from consumers and from the press. With the Concept 300, the brand adds: a speaker in the high end segment, truly innovative solutions and especially the tripod.