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Rotel launches new models in Diamond series

Rotel celebrates its milestone 60th anniversary with the launch of two new jubileum models in the Diamond series.


Roberts Revival Uno BT radio

Roberts has long been known as the brand of radios (and more) with retro looks, including this brand new Revival Uno BT, equipped with DAB+ and FM tuner.

Ricable Invictus

Ricable Invictus cabling – Out of the way!

There there is little or nothing in this hobby that elicits such fierce reactions as reviews of cables. However, many manufacturers make a good living with the products and even produce cables that cost more than an average family car. Is this a case of collective insanity or is there more to it? Many audiophiles […]


Rega rolls out Elicit MK5

Rega has unveiled the brand new Elicit MK5 integrated amplifier, featuring an all-new DAC design.


Roberts Beacon 325 Bluetooth-speaker

Should you be on the lookout for a nice Bluetooth speaker, this Roberts Beacon 325 with a timeless design might be for you.

Record Store Day

Record Store Day is about to happen

This Saturday, April 23, it’s annual Record Store Day again, for the first time since Covid on a single day as usual.


Rotel presents new custom install amplifiers

Rotel announces its latest custom install amplifiers in their lineup: the C8 and C8+, both Class AB amplifiers.


Reavon UBR-X110 4K Blu-ray-speler

French company Reavon presents the UBR-X110, a 4K Blu-ray player that plays much more than just Blu-ray discs.

Multitest – The best amplifier for 1000 Euro – 2022 edition

Sometimes we just feel like doing a big, huge, grande test. It’s educational for us and for you it provides insight into what’s available and how products perform relative to each other. This time we put eight amplifiers side by side. We sampled, measured and listened to all amplifiers. You can find everything in this […]

Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

On Sunday, January 30, we tested five interlinks live for you; actually, six, because we also picked up the “dropveter” for reference. A beautiful red/white cable that you will find standard in the box. You can watch the entire livestream back here. Below we outline our findings. Beware ‘non believers’; the differences are quite obvious! […]