Battle of the Brits – Cyrus, Rega and Naim

Check out a sneak peek of this content! Reviews of the Cyrus Classic Amp and the Rega Elicit Mk5 amplifier have appeared recently. They spent some time next to each other and next to a Naim XS 2. What are the similarities and differences? Comparing gear is always interesting, especially when it involves three amplifiers […]

Rega Elicit Mk5 - voorzijde

Review Rega Elicit MK5 integrated amplifier – wolf in sheep’s clothing

Rega makes turntables, amplifiers and CD players known for their excellent price-performance ratio. The fifth incarnation of the Elicit confirms this once again, emphatically.

Multitest integrated amplifiers – 2500 Euro – Which is the best (for you)?

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, we held a large, comparative test of amplifiers in the price range around 2,500 euros. A popular class. In the 3.5-hour livestream, we were able to hear particularly well what the differences are in this price range. And it’s not subtle!


Rega presents Elex MK4

The Rega Elex has been upgraded to MK4, making it a direct replacement for the Elex-R.

Review Rega Saturn MK3 CD player/d-a converter – Through a ring

British company Rega Research has been around since 1973 and needs no introduction. Primarily known for their turntables, Rega grew to become a dependable brand in the audio world. Besides turntables, they also make amplifiers, speakers and CD players. Their first CD player, the Rega Planet, dates back to 1997 but today we have their […]


Rega rolls out Elicit MK5

Rega has unveiled the brand new Elicit MK5 integrated amplifier, featuring an all-new DAC design.

Multitest – The best amplifier for 1000 Euro – 2022 edition

Sometimes we just feel like doing a big, huge, grande test. It’s educational for us and for you it provides insight into what’s available and how products perform relative to each other. This time we put eight amplifiers side by side. We sampled, measured and listened to all amplifiers. You can find everything in this […]


Rega Saturn MK3, CD player and DAC in one

With the Rega Saturn MK3 you score twice in terms of functionality: you get both a CD player and a DAC, which saves space!


Rega System One, made for vinyl enthusiasts

Rega has released an all-around delightful handmade hi-fi set specifically for vinyl enthusiasts.


Rega presents the Kyte compact speaker

Rega releases the new Kyte loudspeaker, a very compact unit with a height of just 33 centimeters.