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Rotel launches new models in Diamond series

Rotel celebrates its milestone 60th anniversary with the launch of two new jubileum models in the Diamond series.


Rotel presents new custom install amplifiers

Rotel announces its latest custom install amplifiers in their lineup: the C8 and C8+, both Class AB amplifiers.


Rotel introduces A12, CD14 and RCD-1572 MKIIs

The improved MKII audio circuits and componentsin the new A12, CD14 and RCD-1572 MKIIs deliver even better acoustic performance, according to Rotel.

Rotel Michi X3

Review Michi X3 integrated amplifier

Michi: ever since this Premium line-up from the Japanese company Rotel has been making new products again, we are always eager when a review copy comes hopping into Alpha-Audio’s test room. Although, hopping… This integrated amplifier weighs no less than 30 kilos so it was quite a haul. The Rotel Michi X3 is Michi’s entry […]


Rotel presents models in honour of Ken Ishiwata

Rotel released the A11 integrated amplifier and the CD11 CD player in a special version in memory of Ken Ishiswata. The master himself worked on it.

Rotel Michi

Review Rotel Michi P5 and S5

If you are looking for a serious ‘amp-duo’, you will usually find yourself lookng at Pass Labs, AVM, Bryston, Ayre … Moon… or maybe Yamaha 5000 series. Just to name but a few examples. But Rotel…? Not directly. Until today. Because the new Rotel Michi line… yeah: yummy! We’re testing the Rotel Michi P5 and […]

Rotel Michi

Preview – Video – Rotel Michi P5 and S5

Rotel Michi… …that’s a name that gives many a lover beautiful thoughts. This high-end line of Rotel in the 90’s was an answer to the established high-end order. No compromise made, beautiful finish, lots of power and of course a super high quality CD player. The series is still doing well on the 2nd hand […]