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Rotel Michi X3

Review Michi X3 integrated amplifier

Michi: ever since this Premium line-up from the Japanese company Rotel has been making new products again, we are always eager when a review copy comes hopping into Alpha-Audio’s test room. Although, hopping… This integrated amplifier weighs no less than 30 kilos so it was quite a haul. The Rotel Michi X3 is Michi’s entry […]


Rotel presents models in honour of Ken Ishiwata

Rotel released the A11 integrated amplifier and the CD11 CD player in a special version in memory of Ken Ishiswata. The master himself worked on it.

Rotel Michi

Review Rotel Michi P5 and S5

If you are looking for a serious ‘amp-duo’, you will usually find yourself lookng at Pass Labs, AVM, Bryston, Ayre … Moon… or maybe Yamaha 5000 series. Just to name but a few examples. But Rotel…? Not directly. Until today. Because the new Rotel Michi line… yeah: yummy! We’re testing the Rotel Michi P5 and […]

Rotel Michi

Preview – Video – Rotel Michi P5 and S5

Rotel Michi… …that’s a name that gives many a lover beautiful thoughts. This high-end line of Rotel in the 90’s was an answer to the established high-end order. No compromise made, beautiful finish, lots of power and of course a super high quality CD player. The series is still doing well on the 2nd hand […]