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This year’s Sharp 4K TVs come with DTS:X

The new European Sharp 4K televisions coming out this year will have support for DTS:X “immersive” sound onboard, perfect for movies and the like.


Strong Leap-S1 affordable 4K streamer

Chinese company Strong presents the Leap-S1. This is a surprisingly versatile 4K streamer, based – as is so often the case with these types of devices – on Android; version 10 in this case.


SOtM mainboard especially for audio applications

The SOtM sMB-Q370 is a motherboard specifically designed for audio applications, so the manufacturer promises. Great care has been taken everywhere to avoid noise and other disturbances.


Sonos wins over Google: more volume hassle

Sonos won a legal battle against Google. The result – for owners of Google Smart Speakers – is rather awkward.


Spotify and Hifi that just didn’t come

It seems that Spotify has quietly put its Hi-Fi offerings on hold. For now or forever. Time will tell.

Soundastic Reference amplifier

Review Soundastic Reference integrated amplifier

We received a request from an unexpected source to listen to an amplifier. The Polish Soundastic emailed us to be exact. After a brief look at their website we decide that the company and the product are interesting enough to take a look at. We take a look at the Soundastic Reference integrated amplifier.


Sonoro releases Grand Orchestra columns

Sonoro presents its first ever standing speakers, in the form of the Grand Orchestra. Take your pick!


Sonos Sub Mini on the way?

A new Sonos Sub Mini has popped up in the Sonos app, indicating that a smaller version of the Sub may be on the way.


Synology DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ NASses

The new Synology DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ are designed for serious and heavy use, ran by powerful CPUs.

Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber buys De Santi woodworking

Sonus Faber has bought carpentry factory De Santi, a party with which they have been collaborating for 35 years for the production of cabinets.