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Sound United

Sound United acquired by medical Masimo

Sound United – owner of brands like Marantz, Denon, B&W and more resounding names – is being acquired by Masimo, a medical company.


Samsung has problems with its QLED TVs

Samsung is having some troubles sourcing the panels it needs for its QD-QLED display-based televisions.

Review System Audio 5.2 silverback – Buchardt A500 – New Age Audio

What do wireless speakers with built-in amplifiers and Digital Signal Processing have to offer listeners? After the livestream on January 9, 2022, it’s time for a review. Not one, but two speakers in a comparison. Although they share the same hardware platform, they sound completely different! We take a look at the Buchardt Audio A500 […]

Sonnet Pasithea

Review Sonnet Audio Pasithea d/a converter – the beauty of silence

After Morpheus – the Greek god of dreams – Sonnet Audio comes up with Pasithea: in Greek mythology, the personification of relaxation, meditation and consciousness. That’s quite a statement Cees Ruijtenberg makes here. Let’s see if we immediately get into higher spheres with the Sonnet Pasithea!

Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

On Sunday, January 30, we tested five interlinks live for you; actually, six, because we also picked up the “dropveter” for reference. A beautiful red/white cable that you will find standard in the box. You can watch the entire livestream back here. Below we outline our findings. Beware ‘non believers’; the differences are quite obvious! […]


Sonos buys Bluetooth startup

Sonos has bought Bluetooth specialist and startup T2 Software; it reinforces rumors of an imminent headphone…


Sonoro Platinum SE record player

Sonoro has released a new turntable in the form of the Platinum SE, an improved version of the “regular” Platinum.

Review Supra MD06 – LoRad – UHD8K Hdmi – Points to the right

In the quest for better quality audiophile components, power supply and cabling cannot be left out. At least, that’s your author’s opinion, skeptical though he may be. Anyway: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Do the ears really notice a difference when you work with separate “audiophile” cables? Let’s find out. We […]


Skullcandy Grind Fuel for Spotify lovers

The new Skullcandy Grind Fuel is a true wireless in-ear optimized to work seamlessly with music streamer Spotify.


This year’s Sharp 4K TVs come with DTS:X

The new European Sharp 4K televisions coming out this year will have support for DTS:X “immersive” sound onboard, perfect for movies and the like.