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Samsung ends LCD production

Samsung ends producing LCD screens this month, competition appears to be delivering at unbeatable prices.


Samsung has problems with its QLED TVs

Samsung is having some troubles sourcing the panels it needs for its QD-QLED display-based televisions.


Samsung Galaxy S20 without headphone jack

Following Apple’s example, Samsung is also dumping the headphone connection. Starting with the jumping Galaxy S20.

Samsung Note 9

Review Samsung Note 9

Testing a smartphone on the Alpha platform turned out to be a logical step. The daily use of audio and the control around it is already done via a smartphone or tablet. However, we do look for quality. We found it in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. A great device that distinguishes itself from the rest in many ways. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a reliable and innovative partner in the field of audio. Secretly, we don’t want to do without it anymore.