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Review Shunyata USB cables

Reviewing cables is tricky. Very tricky… It depends on quite a lot of factors and sometimes the differences are quite subtle. Reviewing cables in the digital chain is even more difficult. Especially with ethernet and usb. Here we are talking about data packages: not ‘normal’ digital transmission. So how can there be audible difference? Well… […]

Live Stream Replay – Multitest Power Conditioners

This friday morning we tested four power filters: the Niagara 3000, the Shunyata Delta 6, the Torus Power TOT Max and as a baseline the Kemp Powerstrip 8 Plus. During the review we set up our microphones again, so you can listen in. Grab your headphones and watch this live stream (again) if you like. 

Demo ethernet cables – With samples!

Ethernet cables: always a nice subject. Is there an audible difference ? Is there no difference at all? What are the possible differences? We take a different approach. Instead of working everything out in a written article, we prepared our sample setup and simply made recordings of the various cables. Have fun watching and listening!