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Sonnet Pasithea

Review Sonnet Audio Pasithea d/a converter – the beauty of silence

After Morpheus – the Greek god of dreams – Sonnet Audio comes up with Pasithea: in Greek mythology, the personification of relaxation, meditation and consciousness. That’s quite a statement Cees Ruijtenberg makes here. Let’s see if we immediately get into higher spheres with the Sonnet Pasithea!

Multitest – Four exceptional, top, d-a-converters

Denafrips, Bryston, Rockna or Sonnet? Four wonderful d/a converters. What a choice to make… that’s a tough one! To make it a little easier, we put these four beauties side by side in a live test on May 30, 2021. As a test we included a real live track that we recorded in the live […]

Review Sonnet Hermes streamer

We have already written a lot about Metrum Acoustics, the dac designs and the designer: Cees Ruijtenberg. It caused some confusion when the name Metrum Acoustics disappeared from the scene and Sonnet Audio saw the light of day. Rest assured: both brands give support. We therefore write with confidence about the new streamer: the Sonnet […]

First impression – Sonnet Audio Hermes

We have the Sonnet Audio Hermes for review. The new ROON streamer by Cees Ruijtenberg. Right: the developer of all those beautiful dacs, amplifiers and… streamers. We’ve been playing with the Metrum Acoustics Ambre for years: also a product by Cees Ruijtenberg. What are the differences and similarities? We put them next to each other […]

Live Stream Replay – Weiss VS Sonnet VS Metrum Acoustics

Last Thursday – 19 March 2020 – we tested three dacs: the Weiss DAC501, Sonnet Morpheus and the Metrum Acoustics Pavane. In fact, the Weiss is a streamer, dac, preamp and headphone amplifier. The Morpheus is a digital preamp. And the Pavane is a pure, stand alone dac. How do they relate to each other? […]

Sonnet Morpheus

Review Sonnet Morpheus dac – pre-amp

Although Sonnet is a new brand in the world of high quality audio, the man behind Sonnet is definitely a well-known one. Cees Ruijtenberg has a rich audio history that goes back to the 80s. Back then, he designed both analog and digital products. Today we are testing the latest creation: the Sonnet Morpheus d/a […]

Video Review Sonnet Morpheus DAC / Pre-amp

We had a special guest at the office! A new brand: Sonnet. We tested their very first product: the Morpheus dac / pre-amp. But to be fully honest: Sonnet is not really new. The front-man is Cees Ruijtenberg. And we know Cees from Metrum Acoustics. So… he has a long, long track record. Are you […]