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Teufel presents SUPREME ON wireless headphones

The Teufel SUPREME ON headphones arrives just in time for the holidays. It’s a combination of powerful sound with contemporary design and convenient features for everyday use.

Teufel Airy True Wireless

Review Teufel Airy True Wireless in-ears

Apple has opened a complete new market with the original Apple Airpods. Yes… Those white rods that now dominate the streets. And with good reason: they’re damn fine. No wires, great playtime, and they sound… actually quite nice. But then that price: 199 or even 259 euros for a set. Teufel thought that it could […]

Taga Harmony

TAGA Harmony PF-500 line filter

The new – and affordable – mains filter from TAGA Harmony stops annoying mains interference. In the year 2020 no superfluous luxury.

Live Stream Replay – Multitest Power Conditioners

This friday morning we tested four power filters: the Niagara 3000, the Shunyata Delta 6, the Torus Power TOT Max and as a baseline the Kemp Powerstrip 8 Plus. During the review we set up our microphones again, so you can listen in. Grab your headphones and watch this live stream (again) if you like. 


Teufel Streaming now also supports Spotify Free

Good news for owners of Teufel products with Raumfeld-technology. From now on, the free version of Spotify will also be supported.

Teufel Cinedeck

Review Teufel Cinedeck – soundbase

The Cinedeck doesn’t really hits us when playing music. Films work well, but even then it doesn’t offer the impact that Ultima does. Considering the amount of money, the Teufel Cinebar Ultima is undoubtedly the better choice. So unless you don’t have the space… go for the Ultima.

Teufel Cinebar Ultima

Review Teufel Cinebar Ultima

Teufel creates an excellent sound bar with the Cinebar Ultima. Yeah, it’s big. But that has the advantage that the soundbar is just very good. Both music and film are excellent because of this sound bar.

Telos Marco Q

Review Telos Macro Q USB Noise Canceller

That the USB signal from your computer is not ideal for (bit)perfect digital audio may now be known. Galvanized power supplies, signal shielding and other interference suppressing measures are the designated pesticides against the jitter sample. Telos from Taiwan adds the Macro Q Active Noise Canceler. Does this one keep his promises?

Teufel Ultima 20 Kombo

Review Teufel Ultima 20 Kombo

Who is this system for? Simple: for those who are looking for a decent set for little money. For those who do not have extreme demands on refinement and dynamic freedom. For those who like to find a central, simple hub with bluetooth to play also from the phone…

Totem Kin Play

Review Totem Kin Play active monitor

With the Kin Play, Totem not only plays on the trend of active speakers but also on the revival of vinyl. The built-in phono stage is therefore the trump card of this powered speaker. The easy placement, high user-friendliness and beautiful finish make the picture complete. The sound of the Totem Kin Play is fine and you will enjoy it to the fullest. Put a stack of CDs or vinyl ready and sit down for a good time. Have fun and play!