Thorens TD 204 entry-level record player

For anyone planning to take their first steps in the field of audiophile vinyl, there is now the Thorens TD 204 record player.


TRPTK CD-releases Kersten McCall ‘B.ACH’

Flutist Kersten McCall puts his own spin on – indeed – Bach on the CD “B.ACH,” released Saturday by TRPTK.


TRPTK releases Dmitry Ferschtman & Mila Baslawskaja ‘Innermost’

Quality label TRPTK today released Dmitry Ferschtman & Mila Baslawskaya’s new CD titled “Innermost”.


Teufel presents REAL BLUE TWS 2-series in-ears

Teufel has released the all new REAL BLUE TWS 2 series of in-ears, including ANC as well as an attractive price tag.



Teufel launches NOVEMBERMANIA on Nov. 1; hefty discounts aka Black Deals apply until Black Friday (Nov. 25) and Cyber Monday.


TRPTK: CD-release ‘Mozart: Sonatas for four hands’

The Utrecht-based record label TRPTK today releases the new CD “Mozart: Sonatas for four hands,” a special piece of work.

Live Stream test – PMC Fact.12 – Perlisten S7t – TAD Evolution 2

It was an interesting live stream we held on Sept. 25, 2022. Not only was the music “unlike anything else”; the speakers we had as guests this time were also of a special caliber. Among them, a new – relatively unknown – brand participated: Perlisten. Which had to compete against two heavyweights: PMC and TAD. […]


TRPTK releases Aysha Wills ‘Bach: Flute Sonatas’

TRPTK released Aysha Wills’ new CD today, titled ‘Bach: Flute Sonatas’. The album should offer a new view at the works.

The Chord Company

The Chord Company rolls out ChorAlloy technologie

The Chord Company has gradually started rolling out the new ChorAlloy technology for their connectors.


Triangle Magellan birthday speakers

France’s Triangle celebrates its 40th birthdat and that’s obviously reason enough to celebrate! You can join the party too if you want, in a ‘limited’ way.