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TRPTK CD release ‘Turmeric’ by Irene Sorozábal

Record label TRPTK released Irene Sorozábal’s new CD ‘Turmeric’, a mix of diverse genres and influences.

Quartet test Teufel Bluetooth speakers – Rock ON!

With the vacations just around the corner, we might ask ourselves: how do we do handle the music? Will we only take a personal audio system with us, or do we want to be able to listen together in the cottage, caravan or tent? This certainly has its advantages; not everyone is in their own […]


TCL launches new 4K HDR TVs

TCL Electronics announces the expansion of its 2022 P-Series TVs with the launch of the new P635 and P638 models.

TP Vision

TP Vision Live – Berlin Edition 2022

TP Vision announces TP Vision Live – Berlin Edition 2022, where you can expect, among other things, the introduction of the latest Philips TV & Sound products.


Triangle presents new Borea series

French company Triangle presents the brand new Borea series, a pair of compact Bluetooth speakers that can be used for many purposes.


TRPTK presents ‘NUÏT’ with Maya Fridman and Maarten van Veen

The well known and more adventurous record label TRPTK released the brand new CD ‘NUÏT’, featuring Maya Fridman and Maarten van Veen.

How well does speaker decoupling work? Townshend, Isoacoustics, Primacoustic

On Sunday, April 24, we tried out three speaker decoupling systems for you. The Townshend seismic isolation platforms, Isoacoustics Gaia II and the Primacoustic RX12. We combined these systems with a pair of ATC SCM40A to check out the results. And yes: the differences are greater than we thought!


TRPTK releases Rembrandt Frerichs ‘Pianoconcerten Nrs. 1 & 2’

TRPTK today released a new CD of Piano Concertos Nr. 1 & 2 by Frerichs. Performed by the Alma Quartet, Dominic Seldis (members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra), Vinsent Planjer and of course Rembrandt Frerichs himself.

Review TAD Evolution 2 floorstanding speaker – competition killer

There are reviews that change your perception of your hobby and everything around it. They are products that pry your ‘ow so safe’ anchor points loose and leave you floating for a moment. Lost. It’s frustrating at times, but it also forces you to keep going. To pick yourself up and improve. Away with the […]


TCL Europe rolls out mountain of novelties

TCL Europe is releasing a wide range of new products in the entertainment and home-lifestyle fields; we are obviously focusing on the former.