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Violectric DHA 590

Review Violectric DHA V590 headphone amp – pre-amp – dac

A never-ending quest for the ideal audio device is what the English so eloquenty call ‘the agony and the ecstacy’. What if we had a preamplifier that could also be used as a stand alone DAC? And that also has analog inputs? Balanced and a single ended topology? And last but not least, a premium […]


VPI Vanquish, if you have any money and space left..

If you are looking for a record player that will definitely impress your visitors at home, take a look at the VPI Vanquish. At least: we would be impressed.

Vienna Acoustics Haydn Jubilee

Review Vienna Acoustic Haydn Jubilee

We remember it as if it was yesterday, X-FI 2017 in Veldhoven. We already visited lots of rooms and heard a lot of nice set-ups but the best was yet to come. Unsuspectingly we stepped into Hifi Matters’ room and saw a relatively simple system. A Dayens integrated amplifier, a tube buffer made by Icon […]