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Viertron puts Meridian DSP8000XE in the spotlight

Viertron puts the Meridian DSP8000XE loudspeaker firmly in the spotlight in the distributor’s latest newsletter.


Viertron importer of Perlisten Speakers

Dutch Viertron announces that it has become the designated distributor and importer of the American speaker brand Perslisten.


Vincent SV-228 hybrid integrated amplifier

Germany’s Vincent has released a new hybrid integrated amplifier in the form of the SV-228.

Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

On Sunday, January 30, we tested five interlinks live for you; actually, six, because we also picked up the “dropveter” for reference. A beautiful red/white cable that you will find standard in the box. You can watch the entire livestream back here. Below we outline our findings. Beware ‘non believers’; the differences are quite obvious! […]


VPRO Lopendebandwerk Season 2

A new season of the Dutch Lopendebandwerk starts, starting Wednesday 16 March via vpro.nl, nporadio1.nl, the popular podcast platforms and the NPO Listening app.


Vertere presents VeRum Interconnect Cable

Vertere Acoustics has added the new VeRum Interconnect Cable (and more flavors) to its line of cabling.


Victrola Premiere V1 all-in-one turntable

In the past century, they were immensely popular: record players with built-in speakers, ready to run. Victrola brings this concept back.


Velodyne MicroVee X subwoofer

The Velodyne subwoofer features – in addition to an active one – two passive drivers and a built-in amplifier.

Bowers & Wilkins 804D4 – Quad versus Van Medevoort

September 26, 2021 marked the first major live stream of the season! And we kicked off big time with two wonderful systems. One from the Netherlands and one from the United Kingdom. Yes: Van Medevoort versus Bowers & Wikins and Quad. Let the games begin

Review Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Reference

It’s quite a mouthful: Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Reference. But then again: we are talking about a serious speaker here. Now Austria – yes, Vienna Acoustics comes from Vienna, of course – is also a very serious country. And Vienna is a city with a lot of musical history. So not entirely surprisingly, the […]