Warschau Audio Video Show

Warsaw Audio Video Show about to start

Next Friday, Oct. 28, the Warsaw Audio Video Show will open again; in terms of size it is the second largest in Europe so there is more than enough to experience there.

Wharfedale Diamond 12.2

Review Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 – Bright like a diamond?

Wharfedale is a big name in the hi-fi world. The originally British brand has put many beautiful – affordable – speakers on the market. It is now part of IAG – International Audio Group – Audiolab, Quad, Castle, Mission, Leak and for example Elco – A big player. Let’s see if Wharfedale can still make […]

Wilson Audio

Wilson Audio Loke compact subwoofer

The new Wilson Audio Loke subwoofer is designed to work seamlessly with the brand’s own TuneTot.


Wattson Audio Emerson, handy micro-streaming device

Sometimes while surfing one encounters an inetresting device, like these Wattson Audio Emerson streamers.

Western Digital

Western Digital ends support for older MyCloud-drives

If you use an older Western Digital MyCloud network hard drive in your home as a simple NAS, then keep on reading carefully.


New version of Winamp announced

The makers of the time-honored Winamp let it be known that a new version of this “primal MP3 player” is on the way.

Review Wharfedale Evo 4.3 floor stand – budget-friendly Musical Masterclass

What do you do when you go from a medium sizes, 25m2 living room to a pretty large, 60m2 one? Right! You get some new speakers. The trusty Bowers & Wilkins 686s1 bookshelf speakers are not enough to fill the new space and will have to make way, but for what? The most important criteria […]

Emerson Digital Analog

Review Wattson Audio Emerson Digital and Analog – with samples

It’s weird, but in the price range of 1500 euros, there are few streamers to be found. In the entry level market they are some (a lot even). And above 1500 euro, too. But around 1500 euros very little. We don’t know why. We think it’s a good segment. Better than the Bluesound Node2i for […]

Wharfedale Linton Heritage

Review Wharfedale Linton Heritage monitor speaker

The British (what else could it be?) Wharfedale is a true icon in the world of hifi audio. They have been manufacturing loudspeakers since 1932, which comes down to almost 90 years (at the time of writing). Not many manufacturers can say that. The ‘big boys’ usually celebrate their 45th or 50th birthday. Wharfedale is […]

Weiss DAC501

Review Weiss DAC501 converter – streamer – preamp

Daniel Weiss is a well known name in the studio world. With its beautiful AD converters – for Sony and others – for studio use, Weiss has acquired a strong position in the years that digital audio just emerged in the studio world. Many more converters were added later on. Think of the DAC2, DAC202… […]